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The pros of regular sex

Lovemaking or sex plays a vital role in many relationships. As a matter of fact, it is among the key features in any relationship. However, despite its importance, many people don’t give it the attention it deserves. Some will simply engage in the activity as a formality, while others will not bother learning new tricks and tips. Usually, this leads to an unhealthy relationship. The couples start feeling far apart or ignored. The following are the main benefits of participating in sexual intercourse:


One of the biggest benefits that come with making love is relaxation. When engaging in the activity, the couple experience increased blood flow. The circulation of air also improves. In addition, they use lots of energy thus burning fat inform of calories. After the activity and taking a shower, a person feels more relaxed. Research shows that people who engage in sex more often seem happier than those who rarely do. More relaxation means a person will always be looking forward to intercourse. This goes a long way in improving the intimacy.

Relieves Stress 

Sex acts as a stress reliever. During intercourse, the brain triggers the production of the happy hormone known as pheromones. This hormone is charged with making a person excited and in good mood. The more times a person takes part in intercourse the more happy he becomes. This is why people will always be in good mood during lovemaking. It doesn’t matter if the person was sad a few moments ago. Many people also turn to sex when they are feeling in low spirits.

Enhances Intimacy

Any relationship is built on trust. The more trusting a couple is the more healthy the relationship will be. Since the beginning, sex has always been the glue that binds a relationship. When engaging in the activity, the concerned parties feel closer to each other. They also open up to one another trusting that they relationship will last. Good sex plays a critical role in intimacy.

Quite a number of individuals take lovemaking lightly. This is probably because it appears like a mundane activity. Also, many participate in it without knowing its real benefits. The benefits listed above clearly show why every couple in a relationship should take sex seriously. People who are already doing this have a more solid interaction. They are also more trusting and open with each other. In addition, they are much closer to each other. Over time, this leads to a more fulfilling and healthy relationship.

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Escorts and a camera

Just like many other london escorts, I have been into sex for quite some time. The first time I had sex I really enjoyed it, and I dropped out of university to work as part of a team of escorts in London.

As I am sure you know many london escorts are really beautiful, and many of them could easily start careers as models. When I was working in the london escorts industry there always used to be plenty of photographers hanging around, and some of them became our dates.

Many escorts in London like to date photographers so they can get their portfolios updated easily, but I liked dating photographers because I have always had a fetish about being photographed. Just like the other London escorts, I dated many photographers who were sort of just regular kind of guys but one day I met this guy called Tariq. He seemed to be a little bit different from the rest, and didn’t even initially tell me that he always carried a camera with him.

The other london escorts fancied Tariq as well. He had this slightly different air about him, and he was kind of a dark and mysterious type of photographer. I must admit I really fancied him on a personal level, and to me he was just sex on legs.

Surprisingly, Tariq had not as yet asked me if he could use his camera on any of our dates. We had dated a few times and talked a lot about photography. He mentioned that he enjoyed taking real life action shoots, and I wasn’t sure what he meant.

Just as we were finishing one of our dates, he mentioned he was off to a photo shoot in the Middle East, so I asked him if we could do a photo shoot together next time we met. He said no problem.

After about ten days later Tariq was at my door again. Suntanned and smiling as ever he seemed to be really looking forward to our date. I must admit I looked forward to our dates as well, he always made me feel so relaxed and at ease.

Normally, it was me who gave Tariq a massage but this time he suggested that he would give me a massage. He had brought a special blend of oil which included essential oil of Lotus. The scent was completely divine and made me feel like I was in the seventh heaven.

Tariq gently massaged me all over until I was incredibly relaxed. Then he whispered in my ear ”

Play with yourself and I get my camera.”

Escorts love to pose for the camera

Escorts love to pose for the camera

By that time I felt a strong need to totally surrender and leave myself completely open to him.

When he came back in the room, we shot the most amazing intimate photos of me playing with myself and also of me playing with him.

At one stage he was inside me but he just carried on photographing everything that was happening between our bodies. It was such an intimate experience, and I just could not get enough.

Sadly, our passionate photo shoot had to end. A couple of weeks later he came back with the photos and they were just amazing. He said he would never sell them or show them to anybody else. He just wanted them to remain our private memories.

It is now 10 years later, and with the help of Tariq I have become quite a well known photographer. I left my happy band of london escorts girls but needless to say we still keep in touch.

Tariq still travels the world and photographs some of the major breaking news stories around the world, and I stay home to work in my own studio. When ever we have time off together, we just love shutting the bedroom door and playing with our cameras.

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Sex from intimacy

Do sex and intimacy differ to one another? There are conflicting opinions with regards to roles of sex and intimacy in a relationship. It is hard to get the bottom of the problem but due to the fact that two have same opinions on sex.

Sex comes in in a traditional commitment which associates the couple to have an intimate connection to one another. But sad to know that sex and intimacy is in trouble it doesn’t found together in some cases.

Intimacy indeed is the heart of relationship. Without this intimate connection between the two people then relation becomes shuttle. It is in intimacy that you will allow yourself to know someone deeply and completely free with someone’s presence. It is an emotional state that reserved for just one person.

Sex in a loving relationship is a physical embodiment of intimacy. It has come from a place of love and connection. Intimacy builds sex, sex builds intimacy. This reality comes out from overflowing love. Sex is in the form of physical act in a relationship. An intimate act but can be an act without consent. A night stand is a sex without an intimate relationship. This kind of sex is possible to a man and woman but they can only have physical act not a loving one.

Having sex to someone doesn’t mean you really have intimate feelings towards him or her. Sex is not always a requirement for an intimate affair. There are even couples who have shown their intimate feelings to their partner without even having sex.

How to Give Fantastic Oral

Have you ever gone down on your partner simply for the sake of giving her ultimate pleasure and not just as a step of foreplay? If you do not do that then she is missing out a lot. Although it can be hard to resist diving in and having sex, it is very important that you consider oral sex part of your sexual adventures advise London escorts. Since most women get intense sexual pleasure from oral sex, it is time you learnt how to do it well. After a good session of cunnilingus, she will not think of anything apart from your lips on her. Going down on her should be the main event and not just part of foreplay. Play with her and show her that you are the mastermind when it comes to her pleasure.

Start slow and warm her up

London escorts say do not just remove her panty and quickly put your mouth in her. Women like a little tease and gradual progress. You can choose to kiss your way down from her lips to her inner thighs first or simply start with the thighs. Tease her gently and breathe against her genitalia. Let her know what you want to do but tease her and make anticipate.

Concentrate on her entire genitalia

The woman’s genital organs are her primary source of pleasure. London escorts warn not to ignore some parts and concentrate on others. Make sure that you alternate between her labia and clitoris often while slightly applying more pressure with time. When you approach the clitoris, start licking slowly because it is so sensitive. If you are not sure of the motions to follow, just follow the alphabets. Direct your tongue like you are using it to write the alphabet on her. The alternating movements will make her squirm in pleasure and beg you for more.

Suck on her clitoris

With time, she will become more aroused and her clitoris will swell and become darker. You can then gently start sucking on it and nibbling it gently. Remember the key word here is gentle.tap and brush your tongue over the clitoris and alternate sucking with licking every few seconds.

Use your fingers

Just because it is oral sex, doesn’t mean other parts should not be included, escorts in London say be creative with oral sex, insert one finger in her and you will see her gasping in pleasure. The double pleasure from her clitoral stimulation and penetration will drive her crazy.

enthusiasm is a big part of oral pleasure

enthusiasm is a big part of oral pleasure

Be keen

In any sexual act, it is important that you are very keen to body language and sounds. When she moans It means she likes what you are doing. You can either maintain it or take it a notch higher. Whether you are with escorts in London or your girlfriend, all women like to make sounds. These sounds are your guidelines; use them to know when to continue and when to stop. Increase the pace of your movements with time and see what she likes. You can even ask her what she wants you to do.

Talk to her

Tell her how nice she smells, how tasty she is and how much you love going down on her. The words will show her how much you want to pleasure her and this will make her orgasms even more intense. Make her your queen for the night by driving her crazy with your lips.

Tips and tricks for artistic xvideos

lexxityler_388101.jpg_480_480_0_64000_0_1_0Set some basic programs for your DSLR sex toy. By setting some of the basic values ​​ahead of time, you do not have to mess with them if you want to get a shot in, in a short period of time. Instead, just press the button and start shooting.

To improve your nude photos, try to play with the shutter speed of the sex toy under a variety of different shooting conditions. You can get some amazing nude photos in the blink of an pussy, and this will allow you to blur some periods of time together. In the work of fast shutter speed generally harder for action shots, while slow shutter speeds are ideal for shooting still sex lifes, landscapes and other still images.

Try using a tripod to take the nude photos. This will reduce or completely eliminate the influence of movements. It’s incredibly frustrating to have lined up a perfect shot, only to find that her hands were shaking a bit and completely blurred the photo.