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Shoreditch escorts Only the best

What do you know about Shoreditch? Shoreditch is in the old East End of London, and probably got its name for originally being very close to the Thames water front. Once up on a time, this was a really boggy area of London but it is now a place to come to visit the Brick Lane market and perhaps take in some of the local bars.

Shoreditch escorts have also recently made a bit of a name for themselves, and opened an elite Shoreditch escorts agency. The new agency feature some of the hottest dates and blondes available in London, and it promises that Shoreditch escorts will never let you down.
It is nice to see so many new escorts agencies opening up in London, especially just in time for summer.

outstanding girls with humor in Shoreditch escorts

outstanding girls with humor in Shoreditch escorts

Elite Shoreditch Escorts

Elite Shoreditch escorts never used to be able to date through and elite agency. A lot of the girls wanted to move on and work for elite escorts agencies, but were never able to. It is just to upset them as many of the local girls wanted to advance their careers. As a matter of fact, many of the girls thought that they only way they could “get promotion” was to move to other parts of London such as Chelsea or Mayfair.

However, Joe a local guy, spotted a niche in the market, and open Elite Shoreditch Girls. Joe is a local business man, and did not want to run the agency himself. He employed a madame called Krista and she now runs the agency for him. Madame Krista has a lot of experience in the business, and just jumped at the opportunity. This is her first attempt at running an elite escorts agency, and she is very much looking forward to the challenge.

Joe used to date Shoreditch girls himself, so he knew that there were a lot of talented young ladies in the business in Shoreditch. A lot of the girls were expressing a frustration with not being able to move on, and advance their careers. Combined with his business skills, Joe saw the perfect opportunity for opening an elite agency.

He knew many of the girls personally, and appreciated that they were good at what they were doing. Joe did also appreciate that he did not have any knowledge of operating an escorts agency, so he decided to employ a madame. Madame Krista was one of twenty applicants, and she now runs the agency for him. So far, she is doing an excellent job. The dates are happy and so are the girls. Madame Krista really appreciates her girls, and get on with them like a house on fire.

Opening and running an new agency is huge undertaking. You have to get so many things right, and if you don’t you can easily loose your business. It cost Joe a great deal of money to set up the agency, but he is on his way to making a profit. The girls are working really hard, and the agency has a really good name locally and across London.

Reading girls would like to say hello

Hi, we are the Reading escorts that you have been looking for. If, you think that Reading is all about football these days, you will be sorely mistaken. Many visitors to Reading seem to have forgotten about Reading escorts, and we thought that we had better say hello to you.
To be honest, us Reading escorts get a bit annoyed sometimes when you boys travel up to London to date ladies. Don’t you know that Reading escorts are here waiting to meet you? Now, you don’t want to upset your Reading escorts do you?

We have some lovely ladies waiting for you here in Reading like them at, and we are always ready to meet the discerning local gentlemen who would like to enjoy the pleasure of our company. We have many different experiences to offer you. If, you are a gent who enjoy duo dating we can make sure that you get what your heart’s desire.

If you would like to meet some of our special ladies who can emerge into their world of fetishes and dark hidden pleasures, we can arrange this as well. Look, if you don’t ever check us out, how can you know what we are all about.

To be perfectly honest, pleasure is our game and many of the things that we can get up to are so much more fun that football. You may like to match your skills to one of our hot blondes or stunning brunettes. We can offer you many things that you might have thought was only available out of town.

Adult fun and relaxation are two of our many specials, and we think that you need to treat yourself to many more of these special moments that can bring on so many sweets delights. There is no need to be shy or bashful, we appreciate that you may have many needs and desires. So do we, and we just love to share some of our needs and desires with you. Would you like to come and share yours with us?

Most of us have a lot of experience, but we have some sweet and innocent members of our team as well. After all we can’t all be forwards, and sometimes you need someone to bring up the rear. That is how we think of our duo dating service. Why just enjoy one pair of hands when you can enjoy two pair of hands before kick off.

If you don’t fancy trying duo dating, we have many other pleasures for you to enjoy. One of our ladies, Angela, loves to dress up just for you and she is happy to accommodate your fantasies and special needs. The thing is, you need to let Angela know what you are looking for so that she is ready when you knock at the door.

Massages are another one of our specials, and we offer many different kinds. If you have a particular ailment, we would love to be able to help you handle that problem. Believe us, there is nothing that a date with Reading escorts can’t put right.

The pros of regular sex

Lovemaking or sex plays a vital role in many relationships. As a matter of fact, it is among the key features in any relationship. However, despite its importance, many people don’t give it the attention it deserves. Some will simply engage in the activity as a formality, while others will not bother learning new tricks and tips. Usually, this leads to an unhealthy relationship. The couples start feeling far apart or ignored. The following are the main benefits of participating in sexual intercourse:


One of the biggest benefits that come with making love is relaxation. When engaging in the activity, the couple experience increased blood flow. The circulation of air also improves. In addition, they use lots of energy thus burning fat inform of calories. After the activity and taking a shower, a person feels more relaxed. Research shows that people who engage in sex more often seem happier than those who rarely do. More relaxation means a person will always be looking forward to intercourse. This goes a long way in improving the intimacy.

Relieves Stress 

Sex acts as a stress reliever. During intercourse, the brain triggers the production of the happy hormone known as pheromones. This hormone is charged with making a person excited and in good mood. The more times a person takes part in intercourse the more happy he becomes. This is why people will always be in good mood during lovemaking. It doesn’t matter if the person was sad a few moments ago. Many people also turn to sex when they are feeling in low spirits.

Enhances Intimacy

Any relationship is built on trust. The more trusting a couple is the more healthy the relationship will be. Since the beginning, sex has always been the glue that binds a relationship. When engaging in the activity, the concerned parties feel closer to each other. They also open up to one another trusting that they relationship will last. Good sex plays a critical role in intimacy.

Quite a number of individuals take lovemaking lightly. This is probably because it appears like a mundane activity. Also, many participate in it without knowing its real benefits. The benefits listed above clearly show why every couple in a relationship should take sex seriously. People who are already doing this have a more solid interaction. They are also more trusting and open with each other. In addition, they are much closer to each other. Over time, this leads to a more fulfilling and healthy relationship.

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Escorts and a camera

Just like many other london escorts, I have been into sex for quite some time. The first time I had sex I really enjoyed it, and I dropped out of university to work as part of a team of escorts in London.

As I am sure you know many london escorts are really beautiful, and many of them could easily start careers as models. When I was working in the london escorts industry there always used to be plenty of photographers hanging around, and some of them became our dates.

Many escorts in London like to date photographers so they can get their portfolios updated easily, but I liked dating photographers because I have always had a fetish about being photographed. Just like the other London escorts, I dated many photographers who were sort of just regular kind of guys but one day I met this guy called Tariq. He seemed to be a little bit different from the rest, and didn’t even initially tell me that he always carried a camera with him.

The other london escorts fancied Tariq as well. He had this slightly different air about him, and he was kind of a dark and mysterious type of photographer. I must admit I really fancied him on a personal level, and to me he was just sex on legs.

Surprisingly, Tariq had not as yet asked me if he could use his camera on any of our dates. We had dated a few times and talked a lot about photography. He mentioned that he enjoyed taking real life action shoots, and I wasn’t sure what he meant.

Just as we were finishing one of our dates, he mentioned he was off to a photo shoot in the Middle East, so I asked him if we could do a photo shoot together next time we met. He said no problem.

After about ten days later Tariq was at my door again. Suntanned and smiling as ever he seemed to be really looking forward to our date. I must admit I looked forward to our dates as well, he always made me feel so relaxed and at ease.

Normally, it was me who gave Tariq a massage but this time he suggested that he would give me a massage. He had brought a special blend of oil which included essential oil of Lotus. The scent was completely divine and made me feel like I was in the seventh heaven.

Tariq gently massaged me all over until I was incredibly relaxed. Then he whispered in my ear ”

Play with yourself and I get my camera.”

Escorts love to pose for the camera

Escorts love to pose for the camera

By that time I felt a strong need to totally surrender and leave myself completely open to him.

When he came back in the room, we shot the most amazing intimate photos of me playing with myself and also of me playing with him.

At one stage he was inside me but he just carried on photographing everything that was happening between our bodies. It was such an intimate experience, and I just could not get enough.

Sadly, our passionate photo shoot had to end. A couple of weeks later he came back with the photos and they were just amazing. He said he would never sell them or show them to anybody else. He just wanted them to remain our private memories.

It is now 10 years later, and with the help of Tariq I have become quite a well known photographer. I left my happy band of london escorts girls but needless to say we still keep in touch.

Tariq still travels the world and photographs some of the major breaking news stories around the world, and I stay home to work in my own studio. When ever we have time off together, we just love shutting the bedroom door and playing with our cameras.

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Sex from intimacy

Do sex and intimacy differ to one another? There are conflicting opinions with regards to roles of sex and intimacy in a relationship. It is hard to get the bottom of the problem but due to the fact that two have same opinions on sex.

Sex comes in in a traditional commitment which associates the couple to have an intimate connection to one another. But sad to know that sex and intimacy is in trouble it doesn’t found together in some cases.

Intimacy indeed is the heart of relationship. Without this intimate connection between the two people then relation becomes shuttle. It is in intimacy that you will allow yourself to know someone deeply and completely free with someone’s presence. It is an emotional state that reserved for just one person.

Sex in a loving relationship is a physical embodiment of intimacy. It has come from a place of love and connection. Intimacy builds sex, sex builds intimacy. This reality comes out from overflowing love. Sex is in the form of physical act in a relationship. An intimate act but can be an act without consent. A night stand is a sex without an intimate relationship. This kind of sex is possible to a man and woman but they can only have physical act not a loving one.

Having sex to someone doesn’t mean you really have intimate feelings towards him or her. Sex is not always a requirement for an intimate affair. There are even couples who have shown their intimate feelings to their partner without even having sex.