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Sex from intimacy

Do sex and intimacy differ to one another? There are conflicting opinions with regards to roles of sex and intimacy in a relationship. It is hard to get the bottom of the problem but due to the fact that two have same opinions on sex.

Sex comes in in a traditional commitment which associates the couple to have an intimate connection to one another. But sad to know that sex and intimacy is in trouble it doesn’t found together in some cases.

Intimacy indeed is the heart of relationship. Without this intimate connection between the two people then relation becomes shuttle. It is in intimacy that you will allow yourself to know someone deeply and completely free with someone’s presence. It is an emotional state that reserved for just one person.

Sex in a loving relationship is a physical embodiment of intimacy. It has come from a place of love and connection. Intimacy builds sex, sex builds intimacy. This reality comes out from overflowing love. Sex is in the form of physical act in a relationship. An intimate act but can be an act without consent. A night stand is a sex without an intimate relationship. This kind of sex is possible to a man and woman but they can only have physical act not a loving one.

Having sex to someone doesn’t mean you really have intimate feelings towards him or her. Sex is not always a requirement for an intimate affair. There are even couples who have shown their intimate feelings to their partner without even having sex.

How to Give Fantastic Oral

Have you ever gone down on your partner simply for the sake of giving her ultimate pleasure and not just as a step of foreplay? If you do not do that then she is missing out a lot. Although it can be hard to resist diving in and having sex, it is very important that you consider oral sex part of your sexual adventures advise London escorts. Since most women get intense sexual pleasure from oral sex, it is time you learnt how to do it well. After a good session of cunnilingus, she will not think of anything apart from your lips on her. Going down on her should be the main event and not just part of foreplay. Play with her and show her that you are the mastermind when it comes to her pleasure.

Start slow and warm her up

London escorts say do not just remove her panty and quickly put your mouth in her. Women like a little tease and gradual progress. You can choose to kiss your way down from her lips to her inner thighs first or simply start with the thighs. Tease her gently and breathe against her genitalia. Let her know what you want to do but tease her and make anticipate.

Concentrate on her entire genitalia

The woman’s genital organs are her primary source of pleasure. London escorts warn not to ignore some parts and concentrate on others. Make sure that you alternate between her labia and clitoris often while slightly applying more pressure with time. When you approach the clitoris, start licking slowly because it is so sensitive. If you are not sure of the motions to follow, just follow the alphabets. Direct your tongue like you are using it to write the alphabet on her. The alternating movements will make her squirm in pleasure and beg you for more.

Suck on her clitoris

With time, she will become more aroused and her clitoris will swell and become darker. You can then gently start sucking on it and nibbling it gently. Remember the key word here is gentle.tap and brush your tongue over the clitoris and alternate sucking with licking every few seconds.

Use your fingers

Just because it is oral sex, doesn’t mean other parts should not be included, escorts in London say be creative with oral sex, insert one finger in her and you will see her gasping in pleasure. The double pleasure from her clitoral stimulation and penetration will drive her crazy.

enthusiasm is a big part of oral pleasure

enthusiasm is a big part of oral pleasure

Be keen

In any sexual act, it is important that you are very keen to body language and sounds. When she moans It means she likes what you are doing. You can either maintain it or take it a notch higher. Whether you are with escorts in London or your girlfriend, all women like to make sounds. These sounds are your guidelines; use them to know when to continue and when to stop. Increase the pace of your movements with time and see what she likes. You can even ask her what she wants you to do.

Talk to her

Tell her how nice she smells, how tasty she is and how much you love going down on her. The words will show her how much you want to pleasure her and this will make her orgasms even more intense. Make her your queen for the night by driving her crazy with your lips.

Tips and tricks for artistic xvideos

lexxityler_388101.jpg_480_480_0_64000_0_1_0Set some basic programs for your DSLR sex toy. By setting some of the basic values ​​ahead of time, you do not have to mess with them if you want to get a shot in, in a short period of time. Instead, just press the button and start shooting.

To improve your nude photos, try to play with the shutter speed of the sex toy under a variety of different shooting conditions. You can get some amazing nude photos in the blink of an pussy, and this will allow you to blur some periods of time together. In the work of fast shutter speed generally harder for action shots, while slow shutter speeds are ideal for shooting still sex lifes, landscapes and other still images.

Try using a tripod to take the nude photos. This will reduce or completely eliminate the influence of movements. It’s incredibly frustrating to have lined up a perfect shot, only to find that her hands were shaking a bit and completely blurred the photo.

Oral sex techniques

Don’t worry, though, you can guide your man along the way and teach him how to perform oral sex the right way! He can become a better lover. He just needs to realize that no two women are exactly alike. What might have worked on his ex-girlfriend or escort girl from many escort agencies like might not necessarily work for you.

What your man needs to do is follow these tips to find out what works for you and what doesn’t.

The most important thing a man can do is ASK a woman what she likes. Guys are too afraid to ask their girlfriends what they like because they don’t want to come off sounding inexperienced. Well, he’s going to come off as inexperienced anyway if he tries performing oral sex without first asking you about your preferences.
Don’t jump onto her vagina or clit right away. First, warm her up by teasing her all over. Start out kissing her mouth and then kiss her cheeks and neck. Work your way down her body. Caress her with your hands. Try to make the experience as romantic and sensual as possible. Oral sex is more than just going down on her.

Take things slow. Don’t act like a hungry, slobbery brute. Once you make it to her clit and vagina, gently lick all around. You don’t have to be rough with your mouth unless she wants you to. It’s always best to start off slow, unless she specifically requests otherwise. Some women do like it when you roughly use your tongue and mouth, but only do so if she asks.

Try the reverse hug technique. This shouldn’t be too hard if you’re in good shape. You’ll need to hold her upside down in front of you. Her head and shoulders should rest on the bed, and her back should rest against your chest and stomach. Hold her up a bit so that she won’t feel too much pressure around her neck. Just wrap your arms around her stomach and lower your face between her legs.

Try the doggy greet technique. This technique involves a combination of oral sex and doggystyle. While in the doggystyle position, pull out of her when she is close to having an orgasm. Then, you hurry and lower your head towards her clit and use your tongue until she has orgasm. Once she has the orgasm, enter her again. Basically, you go back and forth between using your tongue and penis. If done right, she should have multiple orgasms!

Another fun oral position to try is under the sink. She stands right next to the side of the bed and squats down. There should just be enough room for you to lay on your back on the bed and place your head between her legs. She is mostly in control of her own pleasure. She can squat further, tilt, lean back, etc. This position is pretty easy for you both to do. She just needs to give you enough room so that you don’t strain your neck.

These are just a few examples of the many oral sex techniques and positions you and your man can try. As long as you are willing to experiment and try new things with your guy, he should be able to give you a very strong orgasm.

Heather Jennings has been helping couples for years take their sex up a notch. If you’re looking for tips on how to give oral sex or to just improve your lovemaking techniques, be sure to check out more of her work.

How to Have Multiple Orgasms at Her Place

If you crash at each other’s places but don’t technically live together yet, University of Missouri researchers have a new name for your quasi-cohabitation: A “stayover relationship.”

Yup, researchers verified that you stay over you girlfriend’s house. But this well known fact of life made us think: If you’re staying over your girlfriend’s house all of the time (and vice versa) this could cause some serious roommate conflicts. Here’s your guide for charming the roommates—both hers and yours.
Win Over Her Roommates
Make a Nice Gesture9777JQybPM2Wi

“When you start a relationship with someone, you start a relationship with everyone in her social circle,” says David Steel, M.A., and founder of the Relationship Coaching Institute. When you meet the parents, it’s a good idea to bring wine, right? A similar concept applies to the roommates.

Bring back dessert from your coffee date or buy a six-pack to share with everyone, suggests Steel. This casually shows that you’re thinking about them—without being creepy. (Save the chocolate-covered strawberries for your girlfriend, please.)

Let Her Spend Time with Them

If it seems like her roommates don’t like you, it might not be personal. “People often get insulted when they feel ‘ditched’ because of a significant other,” says Steel. We know you want to sleep over every night and have mind-blowing sex. And she probably does, too. But encourage her to make time for the people who were there before you.
Don’t Piss Off YOUR Roommates
Stalk Her on Facebook—with Your Friends

When you first start dating, casually ask your roommates what they think of her while you’re already on Facebook, says Geoffrey Greif, Ph.D., author of Buddy System: Understanding Male Friendships. This is an easy way to informally probe for their opinion and show that you value their thoughts, while allowing them to see another side of her, he says.

Change the Setting

“Go to a bar in a large group,” says Greif. “This will reduce any one-on-one pressure and they can bond in a non-territorial venue.” If your roommates see her as more than the “woman who sleeps over,” they’re more likely to be cool with it.