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Starting over again with my husband or not?

The most important goal of any wives that finds their husband still actively cheating often has a list of how to get him to stop. Even if you the wife don’t even know if you want to save your marriage, Few wives discover their partner who is cheating and still ignore them or let them continue their cheating. Most people or wives wants to stop their cheating partner immediately even though their marriage’s future isn’t clear.  So typical wife would just go on a crusade hoping that the cheating husband or spouse will end any affair he or she have. And when then finally the affairs stopped you will find a small sliver of success, until you went again crazy thinking that it might start up again.

I encountered this lovely wife in my time in London, which he threatened her husband for 3 straight weeks if the affair wouldn’t stop cheating with London Escort girls in, he will not see his children, funny thing is her husband even beg for a little time let him stop his affair, I said to myself what the heck is that? So this lady didn’t budge at all and she told him there is no time to spare. See, in this situation you really knew that the guy is only begging for time just to delay it and maybe find a plan to hid his affair from his wife and maybe he really is fund of girls from London, well, I found those girls lovely for sure.

How often does someone stop the affair, only to start it back up again?

That is truly difficult to answer. You may definitely know this, yet in the event that you do inquire about on this topic, you can discover information from as few as 22 percent of individuals that repeat to cheat or up to 55 percent. Statistics appear to fluctuate on this topic.Presently, these statistics don’t let us know whether the individual bamboozled again with their previous affair. They just let us know whether he bamboozled more than once. That is the reason I’d think that individuals who are cheating with a similar affair more than once are on the lower scope of that scale, however, I can’t be sure.

In life or in marriage there are no real guarantees, it is not like an iron-clad guarantee like those warranty you get when you order a product. It is not really guaranteed that your partner is a saint and wouldn’t cheat. In my view it is best to decide if you want to save your marriage and work endlessly to do just exactly that or just be free.

But then again these decisions are usually decided in time, there is no really need to rush with these decision, you don’t need to rush because you are afraid that your partner might cheat again. That doesn’t mean that you should not watch him closely and get every piece of important information that you can. But if he is really serious about getting your marriage sparks again, for sure he won’t start an affair again. Because if he is seriously in love with you he will quit his bad habits of cheating.

Should women indulge their sexual fantasies

I have been talking a lot more about sex since I joined Kingston escorts. Sex is something that I have always enjoyed, and talking about my sexual fantasies is something that I am really comfortable with. But, it seems that a lot gents are not happy to hear about ladies sexual fantasies. Some of the gents I date at Kingston escorts are even a bit surprised when they realise that ladies have some really mazing sexual fantasies.

At first I was not sure if I should discuss my personal sexual fantasies with the gents I date at Kingston escorts. You see, instead of talking directly about my sexual fantasies, I have been writing about them. It may surprise a lot of people, but some of them have even been turned into movie scripts. I love telling people about, and I also like to make them come true. Normally it is only men who are prepared to act on their fantasies but I have started to do so as well.

If you would like to indulge your own personal fantasies, there are many ways of doing so. There are a couple of blogs where you can advertise for your dream sexual partner to come to play with you. When I have a couple of days away from Kingston escorts, advertising for a play partner is something that I often do. I have met some really interesting gents that way and we now meet up on a regular basis. It is great and it is a true meeting of minds.

There are also other ways to indulge your sexual fantasies if you are a woman. You will find that some of the better swingers clubs in London have special theme nights. Of course, I am not the only woman at Kingston escorts who like to indulge in certain fantasies, and I do go with a a friend from the escort agency from time to time. We get really dressed up and go off to play with the boys. Well, at least that is what we call it.

So, should you be frighten of a woman who likes to indulge her pleasures? I think that some of the gents I meet at Kingston escorts are still a little bit worried. However, the rest of the gents I date at the agency have got use to my fantasies. I don’t think that hearing about my fantasies do them any harm at all. Would they like to I indulge them? Now that is a totally different ball game. I am not sure that they are really ready for all of the exotic pleasures that I dream about. They may prefer seeing them at the movies like so many of them say… maybe they should all try to become a little bit braver. I know it is not easy to get into a woman’s mind, but I think that I am in many ways letting you into my mind. Not all gents are prepared for what is going in my mind…

Women Who Always Say yes



Wouldn’t it be great if women always said yes? Sometimes I get tired of hearing about headaches and not wanting to do this and that. I like girls to be a bit more exciting, and to be honest, a bit more like Petite escorts. Most of the Petite escorts of that I have been out with have been really hot and sexy and great fun to date. If other women were a bit more like that, I think that I would enjoy dating them a bit more. Until that changes, I think that I will stick to dating the girls at Petite escort services.


I am not saying that girls have to be sexy porn stars all of the time, that would just be wrong. But, over the last couple of years, women seem to have changed a lot and they are not as sexy as they once used to be. It seems that many women have fallen into what I call the pants suit culture. They are just too busy carving out careers for themselves. Maybe they should be a bit more like Petite escorts and carve out careers out of being feminine instead.


Could you make a career out of being feminine? I think that many of the women that I meet at Petite escorts services do just that. When I stop and think about it, a lot of the women I work with seem to want to be men instead. I am not sure how that works, but I do find a lot of women in offices very masculine these days and it does not do anything for me at all. I would love if ladies in general were a little bit more feminine at work. It would even be nice if they wore something a bit more colourful.


The other thing that is missing in society today, is the scent of a woman. Many of the girls that I know at Petite escorts services smell really good. Other girls that I meet at work, don’t smell good at all. When I come to think of it, I think that many of them wear the same perfume. It is almost like I work in these offices where everybody have to be the same. I am sure that I am not the only guy who have noticed this. Many other guys must have done so as well.


Does this explain why so many guys around Petite date Petite escorts? Possibly most guys are looking for a woman who is not afraid of saying yes and declaring that she is truly feminine. That is the way that I feel about things anyway. It would be nice if ladies adopted a more feminine attitude towards life. Looking at the girls who turn up at the office wet and miserable after their bike ride through Petite traffic, I can understand why they may not feel feminine and sexy at all. Perhaps they should all take a taxi to work instead like the girls at Petite escort services.



My Oral fantasy

I have never really been that into oral sex. At first I was not sure why, but I soon realised that I had not really met a guy who turned me on enough to want to give him oral sex. One evening when I was on the Tube on my way home from London escorts, I saw this guy who looked really hot. Even though I was tired from working all day at London escorts, I really wanted to be with him, and I could feel my hormones going wild. I would just love to give this guy a blow job.

It was such a strange feeling, and I am not sure, but I could not help to think that he noticed something. When he looked my way, I was always licking my lips. It was not like me at all. Normally when I come off the evening shift at London escorts, I am really tired and cannot be bothered at all. I could not believe that I was stood on an Underground train licking my lips, eyeing this guy up. Sure, working for London escorts makes me rather open minded, but this was something else entirely.

When we arrived at my station, I could feel this guy looking at me. Was he on my train everyday? I could not help to feel that I had seen him before on my way home from London escorts, but it was like he had not registered in my mind. Now all that I wanted was to get him somewhere private and give him a blow job. As we started to exit the station, I gave him my best London escorts wiggle to see if I could get him to follow me. When I stopped a few minutes later, I noticed that he was gone having disappeared into the crowd.

It is seldom that I react in that sort of way. Sure, I meet a lot of attractive guys at London escorts, but I had never felt like that before. It was a little bit like I had become a female predator and was on the prowl for a victim. I so much wanted this hot guy, and in my little head a plan was forming.

If I finished my London escorts shift the next day at the same time, I may just bump into him again. Then, what would I do…

When I got home, I took a cold shower and tried to relax. My head was spinning around with mad ideas. Finally I decided that I would follow my plan, finish my London escorts shift at the same time tomorrow and make sure that I was on the right train. If I saw him, I would simply talk to him, and ask him if I could give him a blow job. It sounded crazy, but this was one guy I just had to have. As I closed the curtains that night, I noticed a shape that I recognized leaning against the small fence to the square. Was it him? I think that it was, and clearly he had followed me home. But I knew that I needed to fulfil my fantasy my way, or no way at all.

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Top Sex Tips


Sometimes when you have been with your lover for a long time, you may feel that things are getting a bit boring. Sex expert Dr. Mary Johnson refers to this as a “sexual stagnation period” and has some top tips on how we can deal with this situation. Many Reading escorts have realized that to retain their dates, they know it is sometimes necessary to come up with new ideas. The Reading escorts industry is a very competitive industry and a date may go somewhere if he or she gets bored with what is on offer. This is one of the reasons Reading escorts of try to come up with new ideas to have fun with their dates. Perhaps, we should try this idea when it comes to our own personal sex lives as well.

Sex is meant to Be Fun

Above all, Dr. Johnson points out that sex is supposed to be fun. Reading escorts know important it is to have fun with their dates and introduce many different types of play. Food for instance can be a fun way to play with your partner. We all know that chocolate spread or strawberries both sound like clichés but how often do we make them part of our sex lives. Dr. Johnson is quick to point out that couples that play together often stay together.

Introduce Something

Sometimes it isn’t introducing something new which is a problem, but it is how you introduce something new. Even getting new ideas can be difficult. A lot of men do enjoy watching porn movies but women seem to be a bit more reluctant. A lot of Reading escorts have dates who like to watch porn movies, and they take the opportunity to learn from the experience. Watching porn movies can give a couple new ideas, and they might even see something they would really like to try. This is how some lovers are introduced to the more exotic ways of enjoying each other, and bondage would be an excellent example of that. That doesn’t mean that you need to try everything you see, but it is a good way to learn to appreciate different types of sex and porn.

Do It Somewhere Else!

The bedroom is okay but there are many other places around the house you can make love and have sex. Some lovers really like the kitchen table whilst others are into making love in the bathroom. Basically, it is okay to make love and have passionate sex in the house wherever you would like to. If, you have a particular fetish about the conservatory, you should perhaps be a little bit careful. Remember to draw the blinds just in case the neighbors do not appreciate your love making. Despite everything which has been written about sex and love, Dr. Johnson says that we are still hung up about sex. We find it difficult to let go and just really enjoy ourselves. Dr. Johnson is keen to point out that great sex is an amazing way to relieve stress and escape from everyday life. Many couples have realized this and have created their own little fantasy world of sex and porn. Reading escorts often create their own fantasies for themselves and their dates. Perhaps we should all take a leaf out their book.